Business Office Water Filtration Systems

Improve your break room or waiting room with water cooler service. Gourmet Grinders Coffee is proud to provide water cooler service to our customers in Raleigh, RTP, and the Sandhills area.

Benefits of Water Cooler Service for Your Business

Water isn’t a perk, it’s a necessity. Providing your employees and clients or customers with cold drinking water or hot water for tea is the most basic way to create a better workplace. More about our water cooler service:

  • Both our tabletop and floor water cooler systems use your existing waterline.
  • Water coolers are eco-friendly, eliminating wasteful plastic water bottles and jugs.
  • We also install sparkling water dispensers! If your employees can’t get enough of pricey canned sparkling water, our sparkling water dispensers are the perfect solution.

Breakroom Services

In conjunction with coffee service, we also offer breakroom supplies including soda, snacks, paper products, and other commonly used supplies.  And of course, all coffee related supplies such as cups, sweeteners, creamers, etc. 

5 Reasons To Go Bottleless:

  • Affordable– One Low, Monthly Rate That Fits Every Budget
  • Convenient – Low Maintenance, No Storage Issues
  • Healthy – Filtered For Pure, Great-Tasting Water
  • Sustainable – Equal To Planting Up To 120 Trees Per Year
  • Trustworthy – Service Available as often as your Coffee is Serviced

Get a Quote for Your Water Cooler Today!

To learn more about our water cooler services and get a quote, give us a call at (919) 624-7677 or fill out the contact form to the right.

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